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Keep reading, and I’ll show you how:

The So Called “Healthy” Food You’re Being Told to Eat May Be Killing You

The conventionally grown and government-rubber-stamped “safe” food at your local grocery store might just be poisoning you – and the food monopolies behind it all are profiting off the blissfully ignorant American public.

My name is Frank Bates. You may have seen my other videos on media outlets like Fox News.

For years now, I’ve been helping patriots just like you become more self-reliant and independent, from cutting your power bill and getting off the grid to building a great-tasting 25-year food stockpile.

Lately, I’ve realized that I need to start thinking a lot harder about what I eat these days.

I don’t know about you, but I remember growing up helping Grandma and Granddad on their small farm in the Tennessee Smoky Mountains where I’m from.

They had watermelon, strawberries, apples, sweet corn, tomatoes, lettuces, zucchini, and carrots, just to name a few items we took for granted.

Not only did we enjoy all of these delectable fruits and vegetables fresh off the tree or vine, we’d savor them all winter long, too, through canning and preserving them.

The whole family could have delicious fruits and vegetables in any season.

Back then, most folks grew a garden and raised livestock to help feed their families. It wasn’t a hobby or luxury, but an economic necessity.

There weren’t any 7-Elevens, Whole Foods or Trader Joes to run down to and pick up whatever you felt like eating for a meal or snack.

It wasn’t really until about the 1950s and 60s that supermarkets and convenience stores started to spring up everywhere, and the people growing their own fresh produce dwindled down to almost nothing.

The self-sufficient lifestyle went from being the norm to a novelty!

Food Today Isn’t What It Used to Be

What’s most tragic about losing this way of life isn’t just the dependence Americans now have on big corporate grocers to put food on the table.

It’s the puny variety of produce people get, along with the high price tag on stuff you used to be able to grow for pennies.

Most people nowadays don’t even know there’s literally hundreds of varieties of one single type of vegetable like a tomato or head of lettuce!

All while you have no idea (or control over) what’s actually going INTO your food.

Wildly Profitable Food Monopolies Want to Keep You Unhealthy and Ignorant of Their Real Plans

I’ve talked a lot in my time about monopolies. Well, the companies who commercially grow our food are no different.

They are in it to make as much profit off the consumer as they can, and that means dousing their crops (grown sometimes halfway around the world) in whatever government-approved poison helps ensure the highest yield, no matter how it affects the people eating them.

When you go to your local grocery store, when it comes to fresh produce, you don’t know what you’re going to find - probably not fruits and veggies so fresh they practically jump off the vine or tree and into your cart.

In all honesty, you’d be lucky to pick up a scant number of mealy looking pink tomatoes, some wilted lettuce leaves, and a few rubbery carrots!

Fact is, you have no idea what your grocer’s supposedly “fresh” produce comes from, has been sprayed with, soaked in, and genetically modified by.

It’s hard to believe, but conventionally grown food can be treated (and contaminated!) with over 35 different, poisonous pesticides!

You Are What You Eat

This isn’t stuff you can “wash off” with a little sprinkle of water from the tap, either. These heavy-duty agricultural pesticides used by factory farms are “water insoluble” to help them “stick” to crops during rainstorms or in heavy dew – meaning these poisons coat your food like toxic glue! This layer of dangerous gunk seeps through the outer layer of fruits and vegetables – becoming part of it – and when you eat them, it becomes part of YOU!

We Are Slowly Killing Our Kids, Too!

One verified study from UC Davis concluded a direct link between pesticides and other dangerous chemicals found on conventionally grown fruits and vegetables, and kids developing cancer later in life.

Just look at this article from the Daily Mail Reporter:

We’re feeding our poor kids and grandkids a prescription for cancer – just by giving them a plain old piece of fruit!

Knowing this information, we might as well be handing them a cigarette!

Don’t assume you can get the pesticides off with “fruit and veggie” cleaners, either. See, many fruits and vegetables tend to have a thin skin… and all those nasty chemicals get absorbed right into the flesh. Gross!

Think about this…

You figure if a guy has to wear a hazmat suit to handle the stuff he’s got to fumigate your food with, there’s no way it can be good for you, right?

You end up being a complacent lab rat in the experiment of how all those chemicals affect the human body!

Scientific Studies Prove Pesticides Breed a Laundry List of Lethal Diseases

Here’s another incredibly scary statistic, backed up by a leading university:

A study conducted over a 25-year span by the University of California, Los Angeles, found that of about 700 people living around the agricultural areas being heavily treated with three common pesticides, over half developed Parkinson’s disease.

And this was just from “drifting pesticides” like Manam, Ziram, and Paraquat, floating in the air and wreaking havoc on people living nearby.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, here’s another horrifying “reality check” – a list of diseases potentially linked to pesticides that reads like a medical textbook:

  • Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, and other neurological diseases
  • Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)
  • Multiple forms of cancer
  • Diabetes and autoimmune disorders
  • Debilitating birth defects including missing limbs and facial deformities

And many, many more horrifying ailments… some even fatal.

It’s like you’re committing “DEATH BY SALAD…” and you don’t even know it!

Think about it… would you take a bath in arsenic? Then why on God’s green earth would you eat it?

If the Honeybees All Die… We’re Next!

Even more alarming?

A Harvard-based study found that pesticides called “neonicotinoids” are responsible for the “honeybee holocaust” you’ve probably read about in the newspaper or maybe online.

In the last few years, honeybees have literally been massacred – dying off by the billions and no one could figure out why. Honeybees are critical to the pollination and growing of ALL crops.

Without them, the entire world would starve!

Here’s the bare-knuckled truth, folks…

Like most people, you probably thought up until now that you’re doing right by your body consuming any old veggie side dish or piece of fruit. And while it’s highly unlikely one meal of conventionally grown, pesticide-laden produce will kill you, the long-term affects of eating that crud could be detrimental to your health.

A Company That’s Playing God — With Our Food!

Not only that, but the leading producer of GMO seeds (AND the world’s number one pesticide manufacturer to boot!), Monsanto, practically owns the patents to all the strains grown by most commercial farmers – especially corn and soybeans. In fact, over 80% of corn and 90% of soybeans can be traced to Monsanto. Can you say monopoly?

And since when has it ever been right to monkey around “playing God” with Mother Nature, but stick a flipping patent on her too?

That’s like laying claim to the water we drink or air we breathe!

What will Monsanto and their buddies, the Feds, do next?

Privatize the water supply and bottle as much fresh air they can lay their hands on?

“An evil alliance of profits and power.”

Sounds crazy, but what these two “thick as thieves” organizations want is to control every American – from your wallet to your plate.

And despite a 2010 “investigation” by the Department of Justice into Monsanto controlling practically the whole seed industry, they conveniently dropped it like a hot potato, saying – and I quote – “(The DOJ) has closed its investigation into possible anticompetitive practices in the seed industry.”

Yep. That’s all they said.

The whole thing was a sham – it was like asking the damn government to investigate itself for corruption!

Kind of reminds you of a dog and pony show, don’t you think? Basically, making the public believe they are looking into something just to shut up Monsanto critics, without ever intending on actually investigating ANYTHING!

The DOJ and Monsanto strike me as strange bedfellows, to be sure… but they are in some sort of conspiracy of silence, to say the least!

And when it comes to the Feds getting all friendly with a company like Monsanto, all you’ve gotta do is “follow the money.”

In Monsanto’s case, that’s about $58 billion dollars.

With Monsanto, we’re talking about a corporation controlling a big chunk of U.S. conventionally grown crops (complete with Uncle Sam’s blessing).

Simply put… Monsanto masterminds the food supply, and the government controls the people.

Their crooked partnership aside, it’s your health and the health of those you love you need to be most worried about.

Here Comes ‘Generation Autism,’ All Thanks to GMOs

And while the risks of eating pesticide-drowned produce has been established, there’s even more concern over the long-term complications of eating GMO “Franken foods” like the ones churned out every year by Monsanto.

And what we’ve learned so far could just be the tip of the iceberg.

MIT scientist predicts 50% of children will be autistic in 10 years because of GMOs.

In an explosive story that made the news a few months ago, the GMO “controversy” got splattered all over the Internet – finally driving home that GMOs are literally creating “Generation Autism.”

Dr. Stephanie Seneff, PhD, a highly respected, senior MIT research scientist with decades of research in biology and toxicity, came out with a dire warning:

“At today’s rate, by 2025, one in two children will be autistic.”

And yet…

“Big Agriculture” (or Big Ag for short) spends BILLIONS trying to brainwash the public that GMOs are the end-all be-all to ending hunger on our planet.

There’s just one problem.

It’s not what nature intended.

Food Should Come From the Earth, Not a Laboratory…

When was the last time you saw a real farmer wearing safety goggles and a white coat?

And if you want to avoid eating run-of-the-mill, pesticide-pulverized, GMO produce? What’s the alternative? Canned goods? Sure, if you like your green beans soggy with a distinct metallic aftertaste, or (what looks like) fruit swimming in sugary, preservative-soaked syrup. Yuck!

You’re probably thinking the same thing I did. “Well, I guess I should switch to organic fruits and vegetables.”

But have you seen the prices??

“Shopping at Whole Paycheck? Be Sure to Bring Your Platinum Card!”

These days, walking into a Whole Foods Market, you might get sticker shock. From the sky-high prices, it’s almost like you wandered onto a luxury car lot, and all you’re trying to do is buy some fresh, organic produce!

See this picture? Believe it or not, you’d have to fork over $50 dollars for this paltry pile of food that wouldn’t even fill up one of those tiny shopping carts!

It’s no wonder people feel like organic food is only for the rich. The well-to-do are the only ones that can afford it!

And why should only wealthy yuppie hipsters be able to eat healthy food? It’s enough to get me pretty pissed off!

It’s no surprise to me why they call this fancy supermarket “Whole Paycheck.” If something says “organic” it might as well be dipped in 24-carat gold. Shopping there, you’d be able to eat well, but you’d be living in a cardboard box under a bridge just to pay your grocery bill!

Truth Is, You Have No Idea if It’s Organic or Not!

Not to mention the fact that a lot of producers play pretty fast and loose with the word “organic.” No one can seem to agree on what that really means. The government regulations are so confusing, there’s practically no guarantee that what you’re spending all that money for is actually organic at all!

The fact is, the small farmers trying to grow food the old-fashioned way that nature intended just can’t compete with the giant factory farms of “Big Agriculture” and billions in government subsidies.

It kind of sounds hopeless, right? Either stick with tasteless, bland, pesticide-coated produce at your chain grocery store, or break the bank to try and “go organic.”

But there’s another way.

“Get ready for the stunning secret you won’t believe.”

Remember this guy here?

It may be hard to imagine, but this little water-loving fella is the key to growing mouth-watering, organic fruits and vegetables for mere pennies on the dollar, AND enjoy a never-ending source of lean, clean protein. You’ll be able to supercharge your nutrition and health while saving thousands on produce that’s tastier, juicier, crisper, and just way better than ANYTHING you could buy in any grocery store.

This Secret Is Making Waves… Even in the News

In fact, this way of growing your own food has been a “survival secret” that’s now starting to quietly take the country by storm.

Local and national news have caught wind of it, and more Americans are realizing they too can take advantage of this “new path to food independence.”

It’s Called Aquaponics

In a nutshell, aquaponics is using the power of fish to plant, grow, fertilize, and harvest the most heavenly-tasting fruit and vegetables in the world… food that makes anything you could buy at even the most expensive supermarket look and taste like a wilted, week-old salad!

The beauty of aquaponics is its simplicity. Once you understand the basics, it’ll become old hat to you real soon, I promise.

No need for a green thumb, either. It’ll be like having your own little farm, just like my Grandparent’s place in the lush Tennessee Smokies… a little piece of organic Heaven, right where you live…

Let’s take a look at this picture:

Aquaponics consists of a fish tank underneath and a “grow bed” on top, where you plant and harvest your fresh, organic fruits and vegetables.

Plus, you can add the lean, clean, non-mercury power of fish to your diet, too!

The fish generate waste, which is a rich food source for the plants. The grow media, or clay pebbles the plants grow in, filter the water to make it clean again for the fish.

The result is delectable produce that shoots up like it’s on steroids, is pesticide and GMO-free, and costs only pennies of what you’d pay at frilly grocery stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s!

Best yet, with an aquaponics system, you control the environment. You don’t have to worry if the so-called “organic” produce you buy is the real deal or not. You’ll know it is because you grew it yourself!

Superior to Traditional Gardens, With None of the Back-Breaking Work

Unlike a traditional garden, an aquaponics system is raised and uses no soil, requires no weeding, straining, or breaking your back or knees to operate and maintain. It’s a completely self-contained system!

I don’t know about you, but I’m no longer a “spring chicken.” Getting older, I can’t kneel and move around like I used to, especially for long periods of time, which you’d have to do with a regular garden.

If I did have to stretch and bend every which way, my arthritis would kick in and I could be laid up for days. With an aquaponics system, even folks with limited mobility can easily maintain their systems and have fun doing it!

Not only that, but with an aquaponics system, you’ll get bigger and plumper fruits and veggies than a regular old garden – time after time!

Some Companies Think Aquaponics Is Only for the Rich

Now there are a few companies out there that specialize in consulting, planning, and building elaborate, self-contained aquaponics systems from start to finish.

They’ll come out to your house, determine the best place to put your new system, and construct it without you so much as lifting a hammer or pounding a single nail.

It’s a great solution…if you’ve got a million dollar trust fund or win the lottery! Those systems START around $5,000! That just wasn’t going to work for me.

Some Do-It-Yourself Systems Require an Engineering Degree to Understand

I tried watching some videos about building my own Aquaponics system, and boy, was I in for major disappointment!

First, most of the information was confusing, hard to follow, and completely disorganized. There was no clear-cut, step-by-step system a beginner like me could understand, much less implement. I kept trying to take notes, log in to this website or that, and by the end, I was ready to rip my hair out in just plain old frustration!

And support? Forget about it! You had to send an email to some black hole in cyber space and PRAY you may get an answer to your question – in a few days or a week if you’re lucky!

I guess if you’ve got an engineering degree from MIT, all of it may have made perfect sense. But to the ordinary, average Joe like yours truly, it was a nightmare.

Then I Stumbled on an Aquaponics Expert Like No Other

Then one day, I was watching “Doomsday Preppers,” and they were featuring an aquaponics expert named Chad Hudspeth. I hit the record button right then!

For over 20 years, Chad’s been designing, building, and perfecting the science of aquaponics systems for his customers in the Arizona desert. In fact, Chad’s been building aquaponics systems all over the world!

Chad’s a nationally (and now, internationally) recognized aquaponics authority that’s been featured on National Geographic, Fox News, Info Wars, and several local news stations.

Without hesitation, I think it’s safe to say Chad’s one of the world’s leading aquaponics experts!

Take a look at some of the work he’s done.

The image on the left is Chad showing locals locals in the Dominican Republic how to work their new aquaponics system, and the image on the right is that same system bursting with fresh, healthy food, just two months later!

Remember the old saying, “Catch a man a fish, and he eats for a day. Teach a man to fish, and he eats for a lifetime?”

Well, essentially, Chad is taking these needy folks in developing countries that don’t have the resources we do here in the States and “teaching them to fish.”

Aquaponics is literally helping to feed the world, one fish tank and grow bed at a time!

Well, after watching Chad on “Doomsday Preppers” and doing a little more research on him, I knew he was the only man I needed to talk to about designing my own system to help everyday Americans become food independent.

I Counted My Lucky Stars That Chad Was “All In” to Help Me

So I picked up the phone and called him! I was a little amazed when this guy who’s basically an “aquaponics legend” who I had only seen on my TV actually picked up the phone.

Not only was I super-impressed (okay I admit, blown away) by Chad’s incredible knowledge on aquaponics, but he also turned out to be exactly the kind of person I believe in doing business with – a real honest-to-goodness, stand-up kind of guy.

Just like me, Chad grew up eating fresh food right out his grandma’s garden. The mouth-watering taste of her fresh fruits and vegetables was so incredible because she grew her foods in virgin, mineral-rich soil untouched by the poisons that seep into the ground on big factory farms.

Unlike today, when so much of the mass-produced food we eat is bland because it’s grown in over-tilled, depleted soil that’s been exhausted from centuries of planting the same crops again and again.

So besides the industrial strength bug juice it’s sprayed with, the harvest commercial growers offer in ordinary supermarkets is tasteless, to boot!

But what really sets Chad apart from other aquaponics guys is his ability to make aquaponics easily understood by just about ANYBODY.

Chad’s an amazing teacher, and you don’t need to have advanced mechanical or carpentry skills (or a green thumb!) to learn what he has to teach.

If you can understand English and follow simple instructions using a few basic tools, you too can have your very own “endless food factory.”

I’m a little embarrassed to admit I practically begged Chad if he would help me create the Do-It-Yourself Aquaponics System that I had been searching for high and low.

Well… we did it! Chad agreed we had to partner up and get the word out on this revolutionary way to take back control of our food.

Introducing Aquaponics4Patriots!

With this system, you not only get Chad’s unparalleled, professional instructions on building your own self contained “fish-powered food factory” that you can have up and running in no time flat, you’ll also get it for a price that anyone can afford.

Here’s exactly what you’ll get with Aquaponics4Patriots DIY System:

You'll receive a disc in the mail with all the videos and manuals in digital format.

In one compact DVD, you’ll get over two whole hours of personal instruction from Chad on getting your aquaponics system fully operational, churning out fresh fruits and veggies within just a couple of months!

Watch Chad take you by the hand as he builds an aquaponics system from start to finish. It’ll be like you’re standing right next to him, watching everything he does! Here’s what we’ll show you:

  • An Introduction to Aquaponics
  • Core principles (understanding the basics)
  • Sump tanks, water and air pumps (the “nuts and bolts” of your system)
  • Where to get parts (no guesswork here!)
  • Aquaponics for different climates (works whether you’re in Florida or Alaska!)
  • Types of fish you can use AND EAT! (from tilapia, to trout, and even catfish!)

Then, my buddy Chad will show you all about assembling your grow bed. This is where you’ll plant, grow, and harvest all your delicious, organic fruits and vegetables.

It’s Like You Hired Chad Personally to Help You Get Your System Up and Running

You’ll learn right along with Chad as he builds a brand new aquaponics system – from scratch! Some of the things he covers include:

  • Grow bed assembly
  • Support legs (to make sure your bed is on firm foundation)
  • Building sump tanks (so your system works properly)
  • Drain holes (important for proper water filtration)
  • And so much more, all in step-by-step directions – it’s like you’re right there with Chad, constructing your system together!

Here’s a quick snapshot of what your aquaponics system could look like, along with a brief list of just some of the amazing variety of fresh food you could be harvesting:

Imagine… you could be munching on garden wonders like:


Can’t you just taste those mouthfuls of healthy deliciousness right now?

I know I sure can!

Wait a minute Friend, I’m just getting started

On this DVD, you’ll also get a full-length digital companion manual explaining everything in plain English. I insisted on doing this because I know some folks like videos with written instructions to follow along with.

Here's a real life testimonial:

A ‘Fish-Powered Food Factory’ Anyone Can Afford!

Listen…I don’t want you to think that Aquaponics4Patriots, as awesome as it sounds, is out of reach for you financially.

With all the expert know-how you’re getting from Chad, with all the videos and bonus materials, you might think a system like this would cost hundreds of dollars.

For the quality of the presentation, I could actually charge that… but I can’t and I won’t.

Heck, I won’t even charge you $99. Times are just too tough for so many hurting Americans right now.

Nope. I knew if I was going to offer this system, it wasn’t going to be about the money. It was going to be about getting into the hands of as many American families that needed it.

I wanted it to be accessible to everyone. And that’s why I decided to practically “give it away” – for a very limited time – for the price you might pay to treat the family to dinner at your favorite burger joint.

As unbelievable as it sounds, you’ll get all this life-changing information and instruction for the unheard of price of just $27.

I want to make sure you have a safe, secure copy of the Aquaponics4Patriots system, and I also want to make sure I get it into your hands at the lowest possible cost to you, so within a week or so you’ll receive all 6 videos plus all 3 bonus videos on a computer disc, delivered in the mail right to your door.

Click the “Add To Cart” button below to claim your copy right now.

But Wait… You’ll Also Get Bonuses You Won’t Believe

Just hold on a second… not only will you get the full-length video with complete step-by-step directions from Chad along with a companion manual, I’m also throwing in four FREE bonuses!

Yep, you heard right!

I couldn’t wait to sit Chad down in a professional studio and have him guide me through all this incredible extra yet indispensible information on aquaponics. It’s like getting free aquaponics classes taught by one of the world’s experts – IN PERSON!

Each of these bonuses have a retail value of $15, but truth be told you’d find them PRICELESS!

Bonus Video #1:

Intro Class: How to Endlessly Harvest Healthy, Delicious Food with a Fish-Powered Garden!

Get even more amazing info from Chad on maximizing your Aquaponics4Patriots system!

Here’s some of what you’ll learn:

  • What’s wrong with supermarket food (here’s a hint – it’s in the soil)
  • How minerals play a vital role in your food’s taste and healthfulness
  • Why aquaponics is a new, superior way to grow fresh, healthy organic foods
Bonus Video #2:

A Complete Guide on Water Cycling and Quality Control

They say, “it’s in the water.” And they’re right! Keep your water clean and fish healthy by applying these simple rules.

Here’s a sampling of what’s in this video:

  • Why water cycling is so important to your aquaponics system
  • Filters you need and how to use them
  • Measuring water quality to maintain plant and fish health
Bonus Video #3:

Everything You Need to Mechanically Maintain Your System and Reap Bountiful Harvests of Fresh Healthy Food!

In this video, you’ll master the basics of maintenance like:

  • Filters, pumps, and the ABC’s of preventative care
  • How to plant your seeds for maximum growth
  • Keeping roots from clogging your system
Bonus Report #4:

How To Avoid The Top 7 Mistakes In Aquaponics

In this report you'll learn:

  • Picking fish tanks and grow beds that will not leech into your water
  • How to cycle up the system with and without fish involved
  • How to avoid picking the wrong fish for your climate
  • BONUS: 1-year free membership to Endless Food Systems


In addition to all these FREE BONUSES worth almost $80, I’m literally “giving away the farm” with FREE SHIPPING!

Yep, you won’t pay a dime to receive your Aquaponics4Patriots DIY System!


I’m also going to do you one better, folks.

You Can’t Fail, Because I Won’t Let You

I personally guarantee your success! You can’t lose!

Even though I’m giving you life-changing information that could transform your health, save you thousands on your grocery bill, and all for the cost of a semi-nice lunch, I’m also offering you my incredible DOUBLE GUARANTEE.

Guarantee #1

Guarantee #1: If for any reason you’re not satisfied with your Aquaponics4Patriots DIY System, just return it within 365 days for a no-hassle, no-questions asked REFUND of your purchase price.

That means no risk to you, whatsoever. It’s all on me to prove this system does what it says. All you have to do is apply what you learn!

Guarantee #2

Guarantee #2: Now here’s the real kicker. I’m not only offering you my 365-day guarantee, I’m offering you a 300% refund on your entire purchase price (NO, I’M NOT KIDDING!) if you build your DIY system and it doesn’t reduce your grocery bills within 3 months of going full-speed operational. That’s $81 total!

Am I crazy or what?

Hey, I realize that a lot of this may seem too good to be true. I mean, a sustainable way to grow your own GMO- and pesticide-free, organic produce for pennies on the dollar, and “supercharge your health” at the same time?

Real People Are
Raving About Aquaponics4Patriots

Well, instead of me just telling you, here are a few more authentic testimonials from REAL Aquaponics4Patriots customers:

Now, that’s just a taste of the kinds of testimonials we’ve got coming in every day.

The truly amazing part, though?

The number of health professionals and even cancer patients that are experiencing life-changing benefits by using Aquaponics4Patriots, all through the power of eating fresh, organic, and nutrient-dense food.

Check out what real customer (and doctor!) Carlos S. has to say about his new system:

The Food of the Future

Lots of folks are calling aquaponics the “food of the future.” People are rebelling against Big Agriculture and the pesticides and GMOs Monsanto and companies like them churn out like toxic Kool-Aid. There’s a movement happening now, where Americans are returning to producing food like their grandparents did… and ensuring a healthier future for themselves and their children.

And if you’re on a strict diet regimen like low carb or even Paleo, your new Aquaponics4Patriots system will be perfect for you. You’ll enjoy endless POUNDS of fresh produce that will be the foundation of a healthier lifestyle and longer life… and you’ll do it on the cheap!

Think of all you have to look forward to…

  • A slimmer waistline
  • Better overall health through the power of nutrition
  • A much, much smaller grocery bill
  • Hundred of varieties of different fruits and vegetables to choose from!

And much more…

What Are You Waiting For? Claim Your Aquaponics4Patriots DIY System Now!

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Still Here? Good, Let Me Help You Answer Some Questions You Might Have

Still got more questions? Let’s see if Chad and I can answer a few of ‘em here:

What is Aquaponics?

Aquaponics is the merging together of aquaculture and hydroponics. With aquaponics, the fish waste becomes the nutrients for the plants. This new, hybrid system is called aquaponics.

Does aquaponics grow food faster than a regular soil garden?

Yes. Aquaponics is about twice as fast as a soil garden and you can plant much closer together. In a normal garden, the nutrients are in the soil. In Aquaponics4Patriots, the nutrients are in the water.

How much trouble Aquaponics4Patriots to maintain?

An aquaponics system, once it is set up, is very simple. Daily maintenance is feeding the fish, checking the plants for insects and making sure that all your pumps are running correctly.

What kind of fish do you recommend?

There are a lot of different kinds of fish that you can grow: Tilapia, catfish, trout, and bass. We recommend Tilapia if your climate is warm. They are super easy to buy, a fast-growing fish, have a hardy immune system, and can handle all kinds of bad water. The problem with Tilapia is that you have to keep the water temperature above 55 degrees. For a warm climate, that is fine. For a cold climate, you might want to grow trout or another cold-water fish.

Well, that about covers what we can in this brief presentation.

I hope you are as excited about claiming your own “fish-powered food factory” as I was when I discovered it!

You Can Take Control, or Be Controlled. It’s That Simple!

To be quite honest, Friend, you’re at a bit of a crossroads here. My Aquaponics4Patriots DIY Systems are flying out the door at a rate I’m having a hard time keeping up with… people are disgusted being at the mercy of the food monopolies with their pesticides, GMOs, and high prices to boot.

That’s why aquaponics is really starting to take the country by storm. People are fed up and are demanding a new way to grow and control their own food supply.

Only Available at This Rock-Bottom Price While Supplies Last

And because I’m offering these systems on a first-come, first-served basis, at this measly price of only $27, I may run out and not be able to get more.

If you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired… if you wish you could afford the kinds of organic, healthy produce only the wealthy can enjoy… and if you’d like a permanent solution to the problem of securing a wholesome food supply, then it’s a simple choice.

You can go on eating the pesticide-drowned, GMO-type produce that should come with a “skull and crossbones” warning label…

Or, you can take control and know that you’ll forever be able to offer your family the freshest, healthiest, and most delicious food they’ve ever had…

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